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Ultimate Tributes - Support

How long will my Ultimate Tribute be available on the website?
A portion of your paid fee goes into a maintenance fund, which maintains and upgrades the site as technology continues to evolve. New services will also be added.

How do I access our Ultimate Tribute?
You can access your online tribute by using the search form up above. Once you arrive at your tribute, use the Save, Share & Connect box on your left to bookmark it for future reference.

How do I begin creating my Ultimate Tribute?
Immediately after submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us, but you don't have to wait for that to begin creating your tribute. Once you've submitted your order, you can login and start putting together your tribute right away.

The most difficult part of creating a tribute is figuring out where to begin. Go ahead and begin collecting favorite quotes, scriptures, poems and talk with friends and family about their ideas on what to include in the tribute. Also, begin gathering your photos and other items you would like to preserve in the online tribute. Although creativity is the most difficult part of the process, it is also the most enjoyable and may help you through the healing process. Finally, be sure to let friends and family around the world know that they will be able to view the tribute at, as well as share their fond thoughts and memories by sending a message to the memory book

How can I let family and friends know about the tribute feature and how to send us a message?
Ultimate Tributes customers have discovered some creative ways to notify loved ones of the tribute feature:
  • They include a line in the obituary inviting friends and family to share their fond memories by sending a message via
  • Many families include a note in their acknowledgement cards inviting family and friends to share their fond memories by sending a message through
  • Flowers, gifts and charity donations are easily processed through your tribute and we even provide an extensive list of charitable organizations that would appreciate donations made in honor or your loved one.
  • You can also use our Save, Share & Connect tools found on the left side of your screen. Those tools will let you bookmark, email, text and share your tribute with anyone you want! You can also use our sharing tools found after each comment in a memory book for even more ways to let others know about a specific memory.

What is the difference between creating an Ultimate Tribute and putting a memorial on my own web site?
Your Ultimate Tribute is maintained and protected for future generations by A portion of the purchase price is deposited into a maintenance fund to insure the product's longevity. Thus, a family member is not burdened with the responsibility of maintaining and updating the memorial as technology continues to evolve.

How do I submit the content to be included in Ultimate Tributes?
You may create your Ultimate Tribute one of three ways. Once you purchase a tribute, you will receive a kit, which will take you through the process to create the online tribute. You may then opt to submit data in one of the following manners:
  • Internet - You can enter data directly by accessing
  • Purchase Location - You can gather all your information and take it to the location that handled your arrangements.
  • FedEx - You can send the information directly to Ultimate Tributes offices to be entered into the tribute. A self-addressed Fed Ex envelope is included in the kit you receive for this purpose. All photos and images will be returned to you.

What if someone wants to send a note or a story about our loved one?
Customers have told us that one of the most cherished features of the Ultimate Tribute is the memory book section. This allows family and friends from around the world to send messages to share their thoughts and fond memories. To send a note or story, a loved one merely opens the tribute, clicks on Memory Book and begins drafting their message.

Can I add to the online tribute once it has been published?
A benefit of Ultimate Tributes is the fact that it is a archive built for flexibility. By using the administrator user ID and password, you can make changes to the tribute at any time by going to and logging in to the administrator login area.

How can I get an idea as to what an Ultimate Tribute looks like?
Please feel free to access and click on "Demo" from the navigation bar located at the top of the website.

Ultimate Tributes specializes in serving the funeral industry. Services include web development, online pre-planning, video tributes and multimedia.
Customized archives displaying photos, poems, stories and news clippings of your loved one for future generations.
Use our QR code sticker to place on a headstone to allow a cemetery visitor to use their smart phone to scan the QR code and learn about the deceased.