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Ultimate Tributes - About

Ultimate Tributes is today's answer to archiving the memories of our loved ones. Your archive is custom designed by you and can include photos, poems, stories and news clippings. You owe it to your future generation to provide insight into the character, personality and accomplishments of their family members. Our core product is our "ultimate tribute memorial site" and it is basically a digital version of a scrapbook or photo album you have cherished through the years.

We connect family, friends and generations by memorializing the life, history and spirit of those that have gone before us.

Future projects include online wakes, online funerals, audio and video clips (custom recordings) and other related services that will allow our friends and family in a remote location to be a part of the memorial process via the internet.

God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December.
J.M. Barrie

Ultimate Tributes specializes in serving the funeral industry. Services include web development, online pre-planning, video tributes and multimedia.
Customized archives displaying photos, poems, stories and news clippings of your loved one for future generations.
Use our QR code sticker to place on a headstone to allow a cemetery visitor to use their smart phone to scan the QR code and learn about the deceased.