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Sandra Sue Cottom is related to the following people:

Patricia A. Sutton

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Sandra Sue Cottom
This is Sandy as a cheerleader at Liberty Mounds junior high. (eight grade)
Sandy as her "glamorous" self.
Taken this year (2003) at Aunt Debbie's wedding.  Sitting to her left is Uncle Mike; standing to her left is her cousin Michelle, who had sneaked David's hat over for pictures.
Sandy and brother Bobby, standing in front of their Dad's pick up.  She was about 18 or 19 - check out those elephant bells!
Sandy holding her prized cockatoo, Molly (Christmas 2001)
Sandy up on the roof getting ready to string Christmas lights.  Sandy would put up the lights by herself, replace the bulbs when the wind whipped them out, and take them down.  She loved the lights, hated the cold.
Sandy getting ready to mow our property.  When we first moved out in the trailer, she kept mowing bigger and bigger portions with a push mower, so using a tractor was a treat.  She did lots of yard work, and all of the garden work.
All dressed up for her daughter Missy's wedding shower.
Sandy's ninth grade picture at Liberty Mounds High School
Sandy's tenth grade picture at Liberty Mounds High School
Sandy's third or fourth grade picture from Bixby Elementary School.
Sandy's eighth grade picture at Liberty Mounds High School
A self picture Sandy captured from the web cam she installed. You can see her cat "Bootie" over he right shoulder. Several years ago Sandy didn't want to even type on the computer.  She kept working at it, and then found the internet.  She loved to surf,
Sandy's two African Greys,Rhett & Scarlett. Sandy raised them since they were a few months old, and talked to them constantly. They repaid the favor, with a large vocabulary, including "Work, work, work", "I'll be right back","no bite, Rhett" & many more
Sandy and her two daughters, Angela and Missy.  This was another favorite of the entire family.
Sandy and her brother Danny.  This was one of her favorite pictures, even thought she had gotten bubble gum tangled in her hair the night before and had to cut it out.

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